Yessica is from Trujillo, Peru. Born on August 31, 1987, she has completed secondary school. She has 4 children, two boys and two girls. She knits alongside her mother, Santos, her sister, Ysela, and her aunt, Otilia.

Chimuk is Yessica's main form of income. She learned how to knit in the recent years thanks to YouTube, workshops, and the help of other more advanced artisans, and her own personal drive. Yessica has a strong personality and is always first to speak up if she sees an injustice and we appreciate her greatly for that, especially since many of our artisans are shy. She loves color & is always creating strong color pallets in her knitting. She enjoys knitting because it relaxes her and challenges her at the same time. Her dream is to travel and go to many new places and also to be independent.