Also known as Edita, Iris is one of our newest knitters, joining the team in January 2023.

Born on 27 September 1975 in the highland town of Santiago de Chuco, Iris moved to Trujillo to work at age 17 as a nanny for 8 years and then had her own children. She has 2 children, a girl of 6 years and a boy of 14 years. She enjoyed being a nanny and was a single mom for 11 years.

She learned to knit when she was a girl. She lived on a farm with sheep, cows, donkeys. She learned how sheer wool, wash and spin it, and then she would make ponchos and other items. She also learned how to knit in school. Iris has completed primary school.

Her favorite is to crochet. It's a way of relaxation to take away stress and do something in her home to help her sleep. She works as an 'ama de casa' or housewife.

Shes excited to knit with Chimuk and support her husband, who has thyroid cancer. He is a nurse technician at the regional hospital and was operated on in 2022. When he works a 12 hour shift, he makes 70 soles or $18. 

When asked how she feels about joining Chimuk, she responded "I finally have hope and now I feel happy."