Santos is from Piura, located in northern Peru where it's always warm! She was born September 8,1970 and has completed primary school. She has 5 grown children, 3 boys & 2 girls, and even more grandchildren! She knits alongside her two daughters, Yessica & Ysela and is grateful for the opportunity to bond with them in a unique & productive way.

Before knitting with Chimuk, Santos was an “ama de casa” or full-time housewife. She started knitting in October 2017 and learned as a result of our Chimuk workshops. Since then, she has improved tremendously and you can always see herself, her husband, or one of her children in a Santos original knit item! She's improved so much that she is one of four Chimuk team leaders.

Through knitting, Santos has discovered a new talent in the recent years, as well as a new form of relaxation. She has troubled eyesight, and after her first few Chimuk payments she was able to buy her own eye glasses to help her see her stitches better. She enjoys traveling north to Piura to visit her family and also saves up money in order to do that as well.