Valentina is from the highland town of Cajabamba, in the district of Cajamarca Peru, and was born on July 25, 1972. She has completed primary school and has no children. She knits alongside her sister, Teodora (pictured above).

As a side hustle Valentina also raises and sell “cuy” or guinea pig, a Peruvian culinary delicacy.  She loves knitting as a form of income, but also does is to bring joy to herself and distract herself from life's woes. She is a Jehovah’s witness and has a strong faith.

Due to her dynamic personality & skill (she has over 15 years of knowledge of knitting techniques!), Valentina is one of our four Chimuk team leaders. She has helped countless Chimuk artisans improve their techniques and "acabados", or finishings. She is extremely talented & dedicated, and commutes to Chimuk meetings from her home which is outside of our small community.