Natividad, or Nati, is from the highland town of Cajamarca, Peru. She was born on September 9, 1974 and has completed fourth grade of primary school. She has one grown daughter.

Natividad has a small store in the community where she sells her hand knit products, school supplies, and she also bakes cakes! She learned to knit just a few years ago with us in CESAPU, and really enjoys doing it in her free time, when she's not creating different desserts.

Nati attends our Chimuk sessions sporadically, always surprising us with her presence & her high quality garments. Sometimes it takes her one month to complete one beanie, and sometimes it only takes one week! Nevertheless, Nati is consistent and has been consistent since we first began our community programs in 2017. She is good-natured and a pleasure to be around and if we ever have a celebration, we go to her for a homemade cake!