Welcome to our Chimuk workshop! -March 2021


Welcome to our Chimuk workshop! Check out some behind the scenes footage from March 2021 of our artisans working on their techniques for our Chan Chan collection with program director & collection designer, Laura Araujo.

The following designs are all carved into the adobe brick of the city of Chan Chan - the oldest largest adobe citadel in the world! If you pay attention in the first 5 seconds of the video, you will see the sign for Chan Chan archaeological site.

1. Rhombus - represents the fishing nets used by the fishermen

2. Spiral staircase - represents the waves along the coast, popular for surfing

3. Pelican - represents the marine life by the coast

4. Fish corridor - represents the strong & abundant currents along the coast

We relaunch Chimuk with a new, bold approach to sustainability, focusing on ethical fashion, dignified wages, and cultural preservation.