Nancy is from the highland town of Otuzco, Peru (about 90 minutes from Trujillo). She was born on April 10, 1992. Despite being one of the only illiterate artisans (since she never attended primary school), Nancy is able to count her stitches and has used her new skill of counting to help her young daughter, Milagritos, age 6. She has a son, Ronaldo (age 3). Both children are beautiful. Milagritos, or Millie, in particular has blossomed in the past few years as she assists her mother in knitting. She was extremely shy, and now she plays with other children and is quick to give hugs. Ronaldo can often be found strapped to his mother's back.

To supplement her Chimuk earnings, Nancy also works in the local fields, harvesting tomatoes, as a source of income. Nancy is reserved, shy, yet talented. We are so proud to have witnessed her advances throughout the years and overcoming her illiteracy and initial inability to count numbers in order to follow instructions for Chimuk, and now she can knit even some of the most advanced patterns.